March to Obscurity 

Spring Penance Tour

Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones are hitting the road again. By many arduous Satanic rituals and the tireless robbing of junkyards, the van has been made road-ready. We've cooked up a brand new batch of unfamiliar songs to foist on a stunned public. We will stumble through your town and rummage through your cupboards, pissing an endless stream of gibbgerish and incantations. And that's not all! This time around, music is not the only art form we will be slaughtering like a rotten cow: literature will get the bolt gun too!

Minneapolis and Indianapolis will be treated to Ted Prokash, mumbling through swaths of Journey to the Center of the Dream, accompanied by the lowing of the Joyless Ones.

Hue Blanc's

Joyless Ones:

The Lyric Room - Green Bay  WI  3/16 

Mickey's Tavern - Madison WI  3/17

 ??? - Minneapolis  MN 3/18

Gingerman Tavern - Chicago  IL 3/19

Spot Tavern - Lafayette  IN 3/20

State Street Pub - Indianapolis  IN 3/21

UFO Factory - Detroit  MI 3/22

Schwonk Sound Stead - Port Huron  MI 3/23 

               ***With Dale Beavers***

Cafe Bourbon Street - Columbus  OH 3/24

                ***With Pink Reason***

Bremen Cafe - Milwaukee  WI 3/25 

                ***With Phylums***

Book Events:

Saturday March 18th  @3 pm

At: Eat My Words Bookstore

1228 2nd St. Minneapolis, MN

With: Legitimate Author,

            Darci Schumer!!!


Tuesday March 21st @2 pm

At: Indy Reads Books

911 Massachusetts Ave. 

Indianapolis, IN

Musical accompaniment by the Joyless Ones