If you’ve arrived at this page, you must be wondering what we at Joyless House are all about. “What do you people do, exactly?”


Let’s take the second question first. We publish novels of fiction. Available now are A Fool for Lesser Things and The Brothers Connolly by Ted Prokash. And the Empire is always expanding.


On this here site we provide CONTENT, Jack. Check out the Joyless House Blog; you’ll find that in lieu of a high-frequency splattering of inane, opinionated ejaculate, JH favors a more substantial approach to delivering the literary seed. We take the time, respect the process. Baby, there’s LOVE in those posts.


And we give you the house band, Hue Blanc’s Joyless Ones. We’ll link to them, promote them and post new music from the band’s . . . members. (We’re not flip with our English here at JH) “Is this rock n’ roll?” you’ll say. “Is it high aural art? Have strange gods turned these boys’ hands to flame?”


Good enough. That’s what we DO. So what are we about? We are about expression without compromise or censor, always with the highest literary intentions. The same creative pool spawns our writing, our music and our worldview.


We’re based in Wisconsin, where our state motto is: “forward”. In the last several years that slogan has become a joke. The governor knows it. He’d like to go with something like: “Wisconsin, a nice place to do business,” and on with the bloody war on our state’s progressive history. Well, that’s fine; if the gov. has no use for the motto, we’ll take it. We’ll make it our own – and don’t worry, we ARE doing business.


Here’s to health and art without borders.

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