Joyless in San Francisco

Bird & Beckett Books,  653 Chenery St.

Feb. 21  9 pm-ish

Smack in the middle of a set by "Big Twang" guitar virtuoso, Jinx Jones: a reading from The Brothers Connolly. Midwestern love on the Left coast. Freaky, Baby.

Joyless in Brew City: Nov. 8th

@ Circle-A 932 E. Chambers St. Milwaukee

An evening of high culture in AMERICA'S SWANKIEST LOUNGE! Music from Jordan Davis (Spaceraft, Mystery Girls) and Casey Buhr. Readings from Ted Prokash and the great and mysterious WARLOCK.

Joyless In Titletown: Aug. 28

At Cafe Luna  330 Main Ave, De Pere - 7pm

Acoustic rock and pop from Holly Trasti and Dennis Klapperich. Readings. Signing. Hall of Fame of High Culture induction ceremony.

Joyless in Columbus:  June 12

Readings from Ted Prokash and Alex Mussawir of Monster House Press

Aural stylings by Kevin De Broux of Pink Reason and Casey Buhr of Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones