An evening with The Brothers Connolly.

Ahnapee Brewerey Tap Room - Algoma, WI


Our inaugural book event  was a rousing success. The fine people at the Tap room and everyone in attendance made it so. It could hardly have been otherwise in Algoma, where we like our beer strong and our culture beer.


The crowd was treated/subjected to a reading from the author, as well as accoustic sets by Casey Buhr, Dennis Klapperich and Ted Prokash, with accompaniment by Michal Zink. Beer was poured by Adam Przybylski. Good Job all.


An atmosphere of true intimacy was fostered by the heady beer, strange music, mood lighting and jagged poetry. There was laughter. There was hugging and weeping. The proud gods of old were invoked. There were no sports on TV. There was no internet-powered juke box. There was no marijuana smoked on the premisis. Not in this state. Not yet.


Does this sound like a good time? Does it awaken an aching in your bones and your loins that had been there all along just wanting articulation? Of course it does. Well don't worry, Joyless House feels your wanting! More events are in the works.


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Forward with weird things. 

"The people saideth to me, 'we are thirsty'. So I saideth unto them, 'then drink'. Henceforth, wherever we gather to glorify the word, let no one go thirsty."y  - JH and let your users know a little more about you.

Coming Up:

June 12 : The Brothers Connolly in Columbus, OH with Kevin Failure.


July 17: TBC in Sturgeon Bay


And: Stoning Josephine - the new album by Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones.