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Warren Zevon vs. Jackson Browne

No contest. Warren had better lyrics, more interesting subject matter, weirder hair, more credible drug references, etc., etc. His first two albums (not counting Wanted Dead or Alive) were fucking great, minus a couple songs here and there. And anyway, what did Jackson Browne ever do for me? I mean, yeah, he did record an answering machine message for one of my friends who was attending Oklahoma University when JB was playing there . . . And then it must be granted that Warren did pal around pretty hard with Don Henley and Glen Frey and Browne himself produced Zevon’s best shit . . . But come on! There’s just no contest here. Warren’s sense of humor and lyrical panache make even piano ballad

What do books mean to you?

Another long, grey afternoon with nothing much to do. Mamma’s settled in to her lazy boy and her programs, and brother Jimmy is off making time with Deborah Pinson from down the block, or, failing that, Debbie’s little sister, Suzie. And don’t think Mamma doesn’t know what he’s up to either, the dirty-minded little tomcatter. Another one just like his father, Mamma says. You sneak quietly up the rickety old stairs to the bedroom. You go right to the bookcase. Mamma won’t bother about you long as you don’t make a racket. Anyway, she hasn’t got her self up them stairs for as long as you can remember. You peruse the rows of dusty old tomes, as you’ve done a thousand times before, running

How I learned to stop worrying and love the scourge

So yes, those of you who know me personally might be wondering what I'm doing blogging, builidng a website, Twittering, etc. "Ted," you might say, "you don't even have a cell phone, or a Facebook page!" That's right I don't. Or . . . I might have a Facebook page now, I'm not 100% sure. I don't know how many conversations I've had with my publishing partner/new age spiritual advisor that started with him saying, "I know you you hate technology, but . . ." Let me be perfectly clear: I do not "hate" technology. I don't carry a cell phone because I don't want to be bothered. You can reach me how you reach all men who are not capable of making logistical decisions - via my wife. If what you have

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