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Joyless In Door County

Well, good Christ! Another smashing success! The Joyless House minstrels made merry and high times were had by all. The brave attendees of the third installment of the Evenings with The Brothers Connolly series: Joyless In Door County, held at Sturgeon Bay's Jaycee Hall, all proved willing vessles for the Joyless Spirit. They knew the drill like it was an old family tradition: have a strong drink, add some hypnotizing aural ambiance . . . then just lay back and let the spirit do its work. Let its soft murming tickle your ears . . . words of encouragment and promise . . . feel its clammy breath on your skin . . . feel the vibrations humming in your bones . . . finally, let it enter your body

Gunslinger in the Tsar's Army: Brett Favre and the Napoleonic Wars

Photo by Ty Grovogel I made a rookie mistake on facebook last week; in a moment of weakness I posted my true feelings on a sensitive subject. Pardonne moi, but I am new to this social media stuff. At the time I was doing some heavy head-of-a-publishing house type work - networking or creating content - and the local TV news was on in the background. After hyping the weather for the first half of the broadcast, they launched into a breathless preview of Brett Favre's upcoming induction into the Packer Hall of Fame. I guess I was just caught off guard; it's only the begining of July, I'm not ready to be bombarded with Packer coverage. Also I was trying to concentrate on something else . . . My

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