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Lost Fiction! From the Aborted First Novel

​Author’s note: Hot damn, a real blast from the past. I found this tattered, old, ink-stained page in the back of my clipboard at work along with a lot of sheets covered in the names of fantasy football prospects. Judging from memory, context, and most of all, the names on the lists of football players (Priest Holmes, Dante Culpepper, Steve McNair, Andre Johnson, Michael Vick), I figure this piece of writing to be from 2004 or 2005. This was to be the start of my first novel. Ultimately I changed course a bit, but I can see that the themes that carried A Fool for Lesser Things are present here, in embryonic form. Take a look. “Welcome to Cuntfish Bay, suckers,” Harry thought ruefully as he s

Get in the Minivan! A Trip Through the Bowels of Underground Rock & Roll

The new novel from Joyless House: coming in 2016! "I awoke the day after the Akron show to an adult Rottweiler licking my balls." - Chapter 7 of Journey to the Center of the Dream. And what more do you need to read?! If you had a "buy it now" button you'd probably put your finger right through your computer screen! Coming in 2016 (probably summerish) is the book you all have been waiting for. And by "you all" I mean punks, rockers, stoners, hipsters, scenesters, and freaks of every stripe who have, or in the past decade have had any interest or involvment at all in the underground punk/rock & roll scene. Do you like reading about yourself? Of course you do. Don't be a fatuous twit. Well if y

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