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Poet's Corner: Warlock pt.1

What follows is the opening of a trove. An ill-gotten trove? No, I don't think so. Warlock handed these poems over smilingly enough, "glad to be on the team," he said quite sincerely. Though I do feel a touch unworthy. I only hope our humble, joyless house can give the great Jam Master War the proper room to do his thing - to flail and wail and beseech the heavens . . . as he is want to do, you see. When Warlock signed on to read at Joyless in Brew City, I thought, "Great! Participation! I'm sure his stuff will be okay; after all, I know the crowd he runs with." Well Warlock blew that little room away. Welcome to the team indeed. I suppose you'd like a bio on this cat. Well, he came bopping

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