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2015 Year in Review: a Noisy Birthing

On this, the first New Year's Day in 20-plus years on which I awaken without Satan's juices throbbing in my blood vessles and rotting in my gut, his harrowing lament echoing in my head, I feel obligated and able to write the Joyless House Year in Review! Obligated because 2015 was, after all, our innagural campaign. And what a bloody war we waged! In February, we published the Brothers Connolly. Hurrah. Look into it. It's all over the internet. Be good to yourself and buy it. We quickly then made my first novel, A Fool for Lesser Things, available in ebook form. 2015 - the year we took over the internet! Now that we had these fine literary products to offer, it was time to promote them. We a

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