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An Excerpt From the Forthcoming Novel!

Lest you say Joyless House never gave you anything . . . above is a sneak peak of the artwork that will accompany the great Journey, and below: a climactic scene. Journey to the Center of the Dream is just that; a road book that follows four overgrown adolescents discovering the real America and putting their faith to the test. (Artists, eh? Tourin' mooosicians. We'll see about that!) This here particular scene finds the boys, Black Darkness, holed up in a bombed out squat in post-Katrina New Orleans, terror-fried out of their minds after a night of impossible debauchery and degradation, about to meet one of their musical idols, the Cajun Boogieman, the great Robespierre. Enjoy, you lucky ba

Joyless House endorses Sanders! Forward once more!

We at Joyless House are primarily about literature. We are certainly not in the business of alienating any potential readers and we understand that many of you are sick to death of politics. All that considered . . . if you don’t have the sense to get out and vote for Bernie Sanders in your state’s primary, then FUCK YOU! You’re part of the problem! That goes double for my brothers and sisters in Wisconsin. (We vote on Tuesday, April 5, in case you haven’t been answering your phone or watching television.) Now it’s easy to understand how one can grow cynical about national politics. Our two-party system is a bad joke, no doubt. Some people see the presidency as a figurehead-type position; an

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