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A Ray of Sunshine From the Black Knight

Call it heresy if you will, but on Jan 23, in the year of our lord 2017, I was tempted by the worship of relics. One relic, anyway. A 77 year-old Englishman with a bunch of rotten joints and disposition to match. John Cleese came through Green Bay on his latest make the alimony tour. A couple hundred fruits, Python geeks, and silly old biddies gathered at the venerable theatre at the Widener Center for the Performing Arts and were treated to a showing of the Holy Grail and a Q & A with Lancelot himself. I must admit I was school-girl excited for the event and . . . I was not to be disappointed. As expected, Cleese was acerbic and witty, full of smutty tales and delightful slander. HIs rough

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