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Guest Fiction: Almost a Person by David Catney

I woke up that morning with a hangover that could kill a platoon. I was at my father’s house. It was the first time I had been there in nine months. I spent the night before out in his back yard, smoking joints, writing and drinking his beers. Before that I had eaten dinner with him and his wife and afterward we talked for a few hours. The topic of conversation was my byife. This is always the topic of conversation when I see my Dad. I hate talking about myself but with him that’s all we can talk about. Maybe that's the only reason we can speak, maybe if I pulled my life together, graduated school and got a decent job, like my brothers, we wouldn't have anything to talk about anymore. That m

The Sam Pink Interview

I was first hipped to the artist known as Sam Pink via some tasteful, gay bathtub porn he'd disseminated through his twitter feed. ‘Ho ho’, I said, ‘the algorithms are full of it today.’ When I scrolled through Pink's feed, I quickly ascertained that this cat had a sublime sense of humor and possibly a high degree of mental derangement. All those bizarre, intricate paintings and tongue-in-cheek threats of violence . . . Also, I saw that Sam is an author - and a prolific one! He's dropped 12 books since 2010! I happened to have an Amazon gift card left over from X-mas, so I figured, what the heck, let's give this desperate weirdo a try. I started with a book called Rontel. I must admit, I app

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