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The Joyless House Interview: Mallory Whitten by Sam Pink

I'm a huge fan of Mallory Whitten's writing, and I have been for the last 6 or 7 years. I guess I'm a fan of 'minimalism' but only when it seems to have found a new style, a different ante, and Mallory's writing is an example. Her writing is like a couple coats of white paint in an apartment. It's a new lightbulb. It's glass cleaner. It's a brand new knife. I recently read her new book 'God Box' from Monster House Press. 'God Box' is another great example of her prose/poetry, this time revolving around recent bouts with mental illness. It's not the 'lol i'm sad' type of look at mental illness, but instead a no frills look at a real episode. 'God Box' is for those nearing, already there, or l

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