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New fiction from Manuel Marrero (Making Friends with Expat Press, Part 2)

Well, hello everyone. Welcome back. I trust that since our last blog post, Making Friends With Expat Press, Part 1, everyone has had the chance to familiarize themselves with the material on the web site, expatpress.com And I hope that some of you have gone ahead and purchased one or more of the fine books available in Expat's catalogue. By now, I'm sure it is quite clear to everyone that to ignore the artistic output of our new friends from the eastern seaboard would be an act of willful idiocy. And what kind of craven, belly-crawling scum would wish to keep nosing around, brow furrowed, in the filth of the intellectual gutter when the path to enlightening reading and fine eye candy has be

Making Friends With Expat Press, Part 1

Seditious rumblings from the tip of America's wang . . . tweaked out ravings from the lunatic fringe, wading on to shore to wander angry amongst the thongs and oily tans of South Beach, nerve endings corroded by salt and fried in the blazing sun. A sojourn in the Big Apple. Gathering strength . . . Scuttling with the rats and other back-alley creatures of Brooklyn. Thrusting forth a literary impetus! A litany! A screed! A howl in the night to wake us all up from our opiate-overdose American dream! Sounds pretty romantic, don't it? I discovered Expat Press through the network of radicals - punk rockers, anarchists and artists - that I've been lucky enough to have come in to contact with throu

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