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A Discussion of the Rock Band Tool: it's My Job

(what follows is a directly transcribed email exchange) To: Michael Mittermann/Hxxxxx From: Ted Prokash/Hxxxxx Date: 08/08/2019 08:17AM Subject: A treatise on my lack of affinity for the rock band Tool Hi Mike, I will try to lay this out as succinctly as possible. I enjoy music on two basic levels. On a surface level, I'm a melody guy. I like a good pop melody and in this regard I can boP to a Taylor Swift tune on the radio. I will leave Sober on when it comes on the radio. It's not an accident that Sober was Tool's only real hit; it's catchy and has solid pop dynamics (the quiet/loud technique championed {but not invented} by Nirvana and the Pixies before them). I can groove on at least

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