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On Moderation

For four or five years, I didn’t drink at all. It was a necessary change. It was what I needed to get my life in order. I’ve since started dabbling again, taking drink in moderation, for the most part - by Wisconsin standards, anyway. {My boy, my boy, welcome back! So good to see you again. Sit down. Have one on the house. What’s that? You can’t stay? Of course not, of course not… but perhaps just one more?} Whatever. I know how it looks and I really don’t care. My wife supports me and no one else’s opinion carries much firewater, if you know what I mean. And if I’m not a different person now, I have at least learned some things, cast out some of the dumber demons that had ruled me in my you

Seven Poems by Zhao Xuru:

"Let them fart. If it stinks, they will know their ideas are shit" - Someone or Other I wholeheartedly agree with what's-his-name. We've been smelling you shitty American poets for too long. How long? Too long. Fuck it; we are on to new shit. Joyless House is now a conduit for the best poetry and political ideas the far east has on offer. Cathay, Bernie or Bust! Call it the Hundred Chinese Poets Campaign. Dig in or try dying. 7 poems from Zhao Xuru: The Dying I may be dying in this mood: Vast Apathetic Sharp pain in the heart Boundless memories about youth and love Vacillating Broken Incomplete life Angst and nonchalance About time Darkness Anger Despair In the future not too fa

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