The always ballsy aural stylings of Kevin Failure.

      Joyless In Columbus

Eighteen hours of driving for a two hour event. Another fool-proof idea leads to an unqualified success. 


Things we learned: The people at Used Kids are heros and champions. Rock is dead; book your next rave with Kevin Failure. The Guinea Worms are no more; Will Foster is a folk-rocker. For the unsettling poetry of Alex Mussawir visit:

The cops around the Illinois/Wisconsin border are highly suspicious of artist-types and the deer around Oostburg are no match for a 1994 Buick Century. Amen.

Visual proof of Alex Mussawir reciting poetry. 

Will Foster Will not be fucked with while performing another instant folk rock classic.

The always unsettling honesty of Casey Buhr. Bruce Springsteen looks on with trepidation.

Title. Double click me.

And, just for kicks, your author strumming too. 


Once again, as always, Columbus showed us a great time. Thank you to Used Kids, Kevin, Will, Alex and Casey. It was a pleasure to be a part of a gathering of brave souls. And worth the drive. If you missed it, fuck you; buy my book on Amazon.