Joyless in the Shadow of St. Norbert Abbey

The event was originally billed as "Joyless in the Land of Cheese", but after taking in the rich atmosphere at Luna Cafe and its immediate surrounds, I realized this would not do. This part of De Pere is a little college town, shaped unmistakably by the prestigious academic institution that pumps its blood. I didn't see a single Packer jeresey all night. That's neither good nor bad, but a more dignified tagline was in need indeed.  

Yes. There was art on the walls, the smell of dark beer and coffee in the air and good people in nice clothes. We've come a long way from the Main Stage, eh? Perhaps not. We still use cuss words and drug references. Ryan "Big Pants" is now just Ryan Leonhardt, but Michael Zink is still MIchael Zink. Todd is getting married . . . fuck, I don't know. A good time was had by all!! We celebrated the word! We were treated to performances by:

Holly Trasti

Dennis Klapperich

Now, everyone: your least awkward smile!

Thank you Luna Coffee for 

having us.

Thank you Tom for setting this up.

Thank you Lemmy, forever.