Synopsis of Statements Indicative of a Weird, Shared Experience

                                                                                                                                                   House, Joyless/ You


1. A short time ago I read Liber Exuvia by Elytron Frass_______________________________Y/

2. I believe in reincarnation__________________________________________________N/

3. I take a keen interest in matters of the occult, witchcraft, astrology and ancient mysticism and


4. Liber Exuvia is constructed in such a strange , fascinating way as to command the attention of any

    fan of offbeat literature or dark art____________________________________________Y/

5. This book includes a series of grim tales chronicling the trials of a soul in various human and insect


6. Recalled are past lives led in all parts of the world from hundreds of years ago to the near twentieth


7. These tales are largely free of filth and fornication__________________________________N/

8. Central to these stories is the reoccurring appearance of a rape-happy manifestation of mantis____Y/

9. The curious predatory/sexual practices and karmic implications of the self-decapitating mantis are

     a theme throughout the book________________________________________________Y/

10. There is no orgasm like the self-decapitating orgasm________________________________?/

11. I guess this would be hard knowledge to garner for one who doesn't remember his former lives___Y/

12. This book struck me as a fascinating, refreshing exercise in inverse-solipsism_______________Y/

13. By the ingenious construction of this book, Frass reinvents the notion of "economy of words" which 

      has devolved into self parody in much of today's independent literature (and which I am failing at in

      this review)____________________________________________________________Y/

14. Frankly, I was knocked on my ass by this book____________________________________N/

15. Well, figuratively speaking__________________________________________________Y/

16. Parts of this book are dedicated to spells, prayers and incantations translatable by a consistent set of


17. I had the patience to translate a few of these______________________________________Y/

18. The book includes many cryptograms, seals, charts and illustrations that are effective simply as visual



19. Always, the theme of the self-beheading mantis remains present________________________Y/

20. There is a section titled "Piss-coated Thorax"_____________________________________Y/

21. Also, "Cum-coated" and "Blood-coated Thorax"____________________________________Y/

22. Need you ask more?______________________________________________________N/

23. Incidentally, I picked Liber Exuvia up on the recommendation of Manuel Marrero of Expat Press__Y/

24. A true champion of the underappreciated arts that Manny is___________________________Y/

25. For further insight into Elytron Frass, see this interview of sorts on Expat Press______________Y/