Reigning Sound Live at Ted & Jenny's Wedding 2005

So, love is in the air, is it not? We've had a lot of weddings this summer . . . we've had a lot of unrest in the middle east; we've had mad dentists slaying famous lions - so fucking what? you might say. Well call me a sentimental fool, but the weddings of several good friends and my own 10th anniversary has caused me to look back fondly. Also, It helped that a friend found this DVD lying around his house. The salient point is, the fucking REIGNING SOUND played at my wedding! Fuck yeah!

More than anything, this video reminds me of what is possible. What are the Reigning Sound doing playing in a grass feild in rural Wisconsin? Well . . . we asked them to come - in the name of love, after all. Maybe Greg-O is, in fact, the consumate Southern gentleman he comes off as in his songs. Not everything is hollow and false, you cynical prick.

Were the gods upset that we should be so bold as to noisy up this sacred earth with the howls of acid-fueled earth-children streaking through the apple orchard or the heathen rumblings of an electric agricultural-based dance band? Doesn't seem like it. The blessed union in question is ten years old and stronger than ever. The beautiful children you see in the video are healthy, happy and bright, with yet another handsome ringer thown in. And we're all still practicing our respective arts, aren't we? Forward, with the blessing of high omens and good proof.

The crowd here is a who's who of yesteryear. The best our fine state had to offer. Where are they now? In Bay View, I guess. Have fun picking them out.

Let's take time to validate our successes, shall we?


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