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JH would like to take this opportunity to spotlight, praise and pimp some independent artists who have caught our attention lately. "But that's not like you, Joyless House," you might say. "Why slow the the onslaught of shameless self promotion?" "Since when do you care about any writer who hasn't been dead for a hundred years?" Well, it's like this . . .

For a long time I thought contemporary fiction was crap; turns out I just wasn't looking hard enough. As Americans we're conditioned not to look. It's as if it's in SOMEBODY'S best interest to have everyone shelling out their hard-earned $ for the work of a handful of big name "artists" who are all owned by one of a handful of huge corporate conglomerates. No way, right? Sounds like some kind of wacky conspiracy theory, right?

Four years ago I made the leap into self-publishing. I learned that publishing is easy; selling books is hard. Turns out you actually have to make an effort to become an active member of the community that you wish to have support you, or this community can't exist. You have to support the work of others in that community. But that's like work in itself! I don't waaaannaaaa! Here's the bad news for everybody: If we continue to be lazy consumers we will get only the corporate crap art that we deserve.

We're better than that, people! We have the internet! We have ACCESS! We have Joyless House to provide us with convinent links to pre-approved ARTISTS OF MERIT! Enough babble. Here are a few:

Pretty fly banner, eh? What we get here is beat, stream of consciousness type prose and poetry. Urban. Edgy. Highly recommended for you rock n' rollers out there. SS represents a subculture centered in Winnipeg but one that you'll all find highly familiar. Rock n' Roll, booze and sex. Existentialist angst. Tony and Nicole write poetry, short stories and novels. Here are a couple reviews by yours truly to PROVE MY FANSHIP!

There is a good sampling of Tony and Nicole's work on their website. Visit the site and buy yourself something nice. Joyless House would not mislead you!

I came across this next author in the most unlikely of ways - on Twitter! Ha! Who knew? Nico Reznick of B*Kitty Press is an author of "Alternative and Transgressive Literature." What is that, exactly? I'm not sure. Think Chuck Palahniuk. In Anhedonia (google it) she writes a male protagonist with a weird grief fetish and a nihilistic approach. Yes, interesting. It shows a lot of versatility and I dug the book, indeed! Proof:

Best of all, B*Kitty is dedicated to indie authorship. They are on the RIGHT SIDE, and that means more than anything.

Follow Nico on Twitter, if nothing else. And for God's sake buy:

(This is the link, jerk, click on it.)

And since you've all been so nice as to check out the swell authors above and probably purchase some of their work (there is a "Home" tab at the top of this page; you can go there and buy MY books, you know!) now Joyless House will give you a treat. Something more from our friend and neighbor Warwick Seay. EGPDP: every good person deserves poetry.

Our man Warlock is simply a champion among men. For more of his stuff, see our last blog post. Support the Circle-A!

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