2015 Year in Review: a Noisy Birthing

On this, the first New Year's Day in 20-plus years on which I awaken without Satan's juices throbbing in my blood vessles and rotting in my gut, his harrowing lament echoing in my head, I feel obligated and able to write the Joyless House Year in Review! Obligated because 2015 was, after all, our innagural campaign. And what a bloody war we waged!

In February, we published the Brothers Connolly. Hurrah. Look into it. It's all over the internet. Be good to yourself and buy it.

We quickly then made my first novel, A Fool for Lesser Things, available in ebook form. 2015 - the year we took over the internet!

Now that we had these fine literary products to offer, it was time to promote them. We applied a two-pronged approach involving inter-web solutions as well as . . . real-life power/action!! The "Joyless in Your Town" rock n' roll book event was born.

Joyless in Algoma.

A fine coming out party in the city of our birth.

Click here for a recap!

Click here for a recap.

Joyless in Columbus. There is no city in America with a better appreciation for the weird arts. Case in point: Columbus's unwavering affection for Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones. A no-brainer pick for a tour stop.

Joyless in Door County. Another smashing success.

Click here for recap.

Joyless in De Pere

Strange cultural doings in the shadow of St. Norbert Abbey.

click here for recap.

Joyless in Brew City.

An event of unparralled joyfullness. The mighty WarLock signed to the team!

click here for recap.

And of course we pushed hard into the future, launching campaigns on Twitter, facebook, and right here at joylesshousepublishing.com. Sounds like a drag, eh? Not necessarily! We made great friends. We found that we are not alone in our fight to save the written word. If you think 2015 was all about Donald Trump and Taylor Swift; if you think the likes of E.L. James and ISIS are 'winning', you're buying into a corporate lie! Your filling your soul with shitty muck! Visit http://screamingskullpress.com/ and B*Star Kitty Press. They are kindred souls; fellow soldiers in the war against crap and muck. And we also nominated our official poet laureate in 2015 - Warwick Seay! Sample his work right here.

But that's not all. Besides the written word, we have rock n' roll to save. Enter Stoning Josephine, the third full-length LP from Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones. Available from Certified PR Records. You know what to do!

So it was a busy year. A good year. And there are big plans for 2016. 'Journey to the Center of the Dream' is on the way. Journey is a beat-road novel for the new millennium. All you rock n' roll hipsters are sure to be satisfied. This is your book. I see it as reward for staying true and being cool, in a world that just wants you hook on to the I.V. of consumer crap.

Here's to fighting the good fight. Make love not war. Good job in 2015; try harder this year. Buy my books on Amazon. End obligatory transmission . . . now.

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