Joyless House endorses Sanders! Forward once more!

We at Joyless House are primarily about literature. We are certainly not in the business of alienating any potential readers and we understand that many of you are sick to death of politics. All that considered . . . if you don’t have the sense to get out and vote for Bernie Sanders in your state’s primary, then FUCK YOU! You’re part of the problem! That goes double for my brothers and sisters in Wisconsin. (We vote on Tuesday, April 5, in case you haven’t been answering your phone or watching television.)

Now it’s easy to understand how one can grow cynical about national politics. Our two-party system is a bad joke, no doubt. Some people see the presidency as a figurehead-type position; an over-matched traffic cop for the big-money lobbies. A hapless schlub in a fancy uniform trying to slow down a lot of speeding bohemoths. They see the system as rigged. OK, so what’s the answer? Bury our fucking heads in the sand and cry about it? I should think not! Not when we have the chance to run a candidate who is dead-serious about taking on the very problems that have turned our country into a gaudy economic whorehouse and filled our state houses with sleazy pimps. It’s a situation that lends itself to colorful metaphor to be sure.

Some of you cynics will say, “sure Sanders is blowing a lot of sunshine now. But how is he going to make any of this fairytale utopian shit actually happen?” And of course, “Yeah, we heard all about this hope and change bullshit in 2008 and 2012. What happened there?!” I like Barack Obama just fine. I voted for him twice. And he has accomplished some things against long odds that will be revered by Americans 20 years from now. (I’m old enough to remember when everybody thought Reagan was a lying senile fool.) But Barack is primarily a politician. A great campaigner. Bernie Sanders is all about the issues. He will not only mention the elephant in the room; he’ll point and scream at it until people realize it’s squashing the life out of them!

The cost of college tuition. Student debt. The cost of health care. The infant mortality rate in America. The militarization of our police. Climate change. Pay inequality for women. A minimum wage that amounts to starvation pay. The egregious manipulation of our economy by the big banks and Wall Street. The disproportionate wealth of the 1%. The neglect and willful poisoning of our inner-cities. The systemic abuse of undocumented workers. Billion-dollar military adventures that only perpetuate terror and racism. Do any of you out there not think these are problems that need to be addressed? If so, why the fuck are Chuck and Dave Koch reading this blog?

So the big question seems to be, how ya going to pay for all that, Bernie? Well, at the risk of sounding condescending: taxes, dumb shit. The folks who have rigged the economy and the tax system to their benefit need to be held accountable. Bernie advocates making them pay their fair share - this coming from a candidate who's not in their club! (Bill and Hillary Clinton's net worth is 230 times that of Sanders! see: ) Another thing, as the man himself said from the stump in Green Bay, “if we can afford to rebuild a city in Iraq, we can sure as hell afford to rebuild our own inner cities.” These non-stop wars only benefit the military machine - international chauffeur of America’s corporate interests.

November 2, 2010 was a dark, dark day for the state of Wisconsin. Let us not be squeamish. That was the day our fine state elected Scott Herbert Walker governor and, just for good measure, threw out Russ Feingold, torch bearer for Wisconsin’s proud progressive tradition, in favor of bumbling, hack-corporate puppet, Ron Johnson. Everyone knows that Walker is a dangerous idiot. Johnson’s even worse. He refuses to consider any legislation that does not explicitly lower the deficit because he was elected as a “single issue candidate”. You’re a fucking U.S. senator, Ron! This is not the board of directors of John Deer!

Anyway, the one saving grace of our system is that when we are duped as voters, we have the chance to correct our mistakes. It starts by voting for Bernie in the primary on Tuesday, then again in November. While we are at it, we have the opportunity to once again cast a vote for Russ Feingold. Maybe slip a note of apology in the ballot box along with that one, on behalf of the whole state. Russ is owed that much.

Don’t let the “cowardly and profoundly un-American” efforts toward voter suppression of our governor slow you down. (Those are Bernie’s words!!!) Get out and vote. Let’s save some face, Wisconsin. Let’s get our shit together, America. Let’s not simply punt the political football back to the Clintons for another clock-milking corporate consolidation drive. Let’s do something about the economic disparity in our country. You’ve got to get up off your couch exactly twice to make a real contribution to the fight against inequality, bigotry and greed. Do you really want to end up on the wrong side of history on this one? Just because you thought your vote “wouldn’t make a difference”?

Let’s take back the state motto, shall we?

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