The Great Cultural Happening: an Update

Photo By Eagle Creek Photo, LLC

Photo By Eagle Creek Photo, LLC

By now you've no doubt heard the rumors. Perhaps you've even an anticipatory tingling in your nethers . . . A new novel - the ROAD BOOK. Diary of a tour through the bowels of rock n' roll. And, what else? The real thing! Could Hue Blanc really be sending his joyless boys back out on the road, after all these years? To once again foist their Art Rock stylings on the public vigilante style?! I must confess . . . it's all true - every purple word of it.

This fall and winter/spring, the dogged march forward resumes with new vigor. We warriors for Truth and Beauty will strike out with a nascent fervor, our blood boiling with the heat of the New Believer. The object of our brave crusade: nothing less than to take back our music, to take back our language, to take back our very culture from the gutless trolls, the soulless minions of consumerism and vapidity.

Right, so now that you're gripping your sword with bloody anticipation, "give us the details!" you roar. "Where and when may we strike a blow of our own for Art's justice?!" The first thing you can do is "Buy the ticket; get in the minivan". The book comes first. Sometime in October, I swear! It goes something like this:

Journey to the Center of the Dream follows four brave Midwestern rubes on a dogged march through America’s dyspeptic underbelly, via the twisted bowels of her underground rock n’ roll scene.

“The names of the cities danced in my head: New York, Seattle, San Francisco . . . they were all so unreal to me. It might have been Paris, Rome, Vienna . . . Babylon, Atlantis . . . Waghdas, Naufana, Ghadis . . .

. . . we were Black Darkness . . . all set to kick ass in every corner of the country and take shit from no one. True purveyors of the intangible, we were – dabblers in the unmentionable.

. . . we would surely return home as great champions, having written our own legend.”

An epic poem of our New Dumb Age, Journey is an exploration of the America not pimped by the Department of Tourism or the Chamber of Commerce, a search for all that remains worthy in the hearts of men. Get in the minivan.

Very close to publication. Don't worry, it will be shouted from the rooftops when this thing is finally available for purchase.

Then, March 16th - 25th, the REAL THING. Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones hit the road for a nice, sensible midwestern jaunt. The itinerary, as it stands, 5 months out, looks like this: Green Bay, WI, Western Wisco (Eau Claire or LaCrosse?), Minneapolis, MN, Madison, WI, Lafayette, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Grand Rapids, MI, Port Huron, MI, Columbus, OH, Milwaukee, WI. Ah, yes, playing beer halls in front of fine, drinkin' folk. It's going to be a good time. Joyless House Publishing will keep you updated on the events page as the show line-ups are firmed up. You can damn-well bet that some bad-ass fucking musical groups will be signing on to play with HBJO! Stay tuned.

But that's not all! Since I will have a book to sell . . . and the drives on this tour will be short, we're going to set up some readings. I know for a fact that there are some great poets, very much on the NEW WAVE in the Lafayette-Inianapolis-Columbus area. And, hell, perhaps we'll have story time with Dale Merrill in Port Huron! I told you, we are taking back our language. The WORD. Again, as the book tour sideshow takes shape, we will bring you details here.

Also, we're determined to record and rush out a new HBJO album. Oh, I know, I know, "We look forward to spinning that one 7 years from now!" Bullshit. Not this time, sport. We are older and better now. We are PROFESSIONALS. Try and sleep on that one.

Forward, soon.

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