4 Love Poems by Johnny $carlotti

Hello poetry fans . . . now go away. What we have here is a visit from Joyless House's favorite walking nightmare, a societal aberration, a human glitch, popped fresh through an unlucky rip in the dark web. Johnny Scarlotti has been championing his own savage brand of "art" for a long time now and he is prolific. Johnny has put out . . . 11 books of poetry? Something like that. He has let us post a couple of his tamer numbers here. Thanks, Jon. Without further ado:

4 Love Poems by Johnny Scarlotti


I like your honesty

I like the way that you laugh

I like your dimples

I like your big round ass

I like your freckles

I like that you’re kind

I like your pink hair

I like that you’re mine

I like your hands

I like the way that you dance for me

I like your feet

I like your Marilyn Mans CD

I like how you like it rough

I like how you’re brave

I love the way that you fuck,

I love you babe


i love her like a dog… rough…. rough.


we put butter in each other’s butts

it feels realyl good lol

if this isn’t love

than I donno

wut is


we slap salami slices

on each other’s faces




she sticks her tongue out

i pinch her tongue

she says


i lick her salty cheek

(i think to myself

what the fuck are we doing?)

she says

hey boy

i love u

oh yeah

this is love

follow: https://twitter.com/johnnyscarlotti

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