Love Poems 5, 6 & 7 by "The Great" Johnny $carlotti

Joyless House is... overjoyed to bring back one of our favorite writers. Lest there be any doubt about where we stand on the new cultural squeamishness that is gripping the world of literature, we give you: the reigning laureate of sleaze-trash, the maestro of murderous mayhem, the violentest poet on Earth.... ah but a poet is a poet after all. And spring is the season of love. So down on all fours then, like a good dog, and receive the season's tenderness.

3 More Love Poems from Johnny $carlotti:


She doesn't love me


i am so in love with her...

gettin really deeep rest

can't get out of bed

feeling weak, sick, pathetic

can't think

can't eat

now i can't sleep

put 10 fingers of whiskey down my throat


got the spins

i'm puking my guts out into a bucket


i will get up

and kill everyone

if that means we could be lovers

i'd kill all the trees and animals and aliens

all life

if that means i could have you

even for just one hour

a minute

fifteen seconds

then i'd kill us both too

if that were the only way

i would sacrifice everything

for love


U hate me.

that's great,

i hate myself too. :)

it's said you can't be friends with someone

without something substantial in common...

i think

we could

become good friends.


even great lovers. :)


i love her so much if she were to die i would just report her missing.

i wouldn't give her to them.

no way.


i would continue to cuddle her.

to kiss her.

to sleep with her.


i know some people would think this creepy but

they don't know what love is.

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