there were others by Jonathan Hine

“I used to tremble, I used to shake, I used to wonder what it was like…”

That was said by somebody else, sang. I’m not even going to say by whom. If you don’t know, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t get the sentiment, you wouldn’t get shit. And you wouldn’t get this. It’s something beautiful you jaded cunts.

there were others

it starts in paradise

crystal hues

inflectional clarity

angelic eyes

airy threads

phantasmal lingerings

constraining blurs

approaching conflagrations

patched hemispheres

fitfully thunderous

reaching through walls

words and images

burning lag

roaring throughout attic ceilings

raining down

transmitting everywhere

overtaking in flashes

it ebbs and grinds

rips crazy

hearts explode

dead names

closed dreams


layers unto fire

roaring along the borders

sunset vapor

dissolving blueness

stellar wailing

ancient intermittence

tremulous interference

spectral hues

burning deadly

burning clear


beat into it

slowly wholly

crept to the core

scared senseless

skulls split open

sinking slowly

new sockets

devoured in the street

rotting pitch

hotel d’hôte

soft flooding

streaks of light

fracturing outward

shimmering cascades

sequenced destruction


deep in the earth


drowsy revelations

symphonic mountains

collapsed in fire

multiplying, dying,

born everywhere

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