Journey to the End of Your Rope

Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones Spring Penance Tour 2017

Hello friends. As you all know, spring of 2017 was a special time for the Joyless House family. Circumstances in our beloved country had reached a point of such confused desperation that there was no longer any possible recourse but for her bravest minstrels to take up their instruments and march for her glory. What follows is the pictorial evidence of this quest for our homeland's redemption. 


It's an old time slideshow! So pull up a chair, dear friends. Enjoy a gin fizz. Pet the cat - don't be a nervous prick. Let the retarded capering of 5 grown men in their third adolescence warm the chill in your hearts. Indulge us if you will.   

Winter Bear - Milwaukee, WI







Indelible visual evidence of the accomplished and kind Darci Schummer reading at Eat My Words Books

Just show up and say, "I'm so and so. I'm reading at such and such a time". They won't ask questions. It's some kind of 'collective'.

And then


it all

went black . . .